The Journey

What started as a small family run business in a village in South India has taken a name, form, and brand over the past decade. We have modernized our machines, improved our efficiency, embraced a professional set up, yet we haven’t lost our roots. Right from our inception, we were clear that we did not want to be a typical brick and mortar corporate company. We wanted our company to serve a purpose, have an agenda. What we always envisaged was “employment to the rural women workforce”. 

We started with them, growing with them. They have been an integral part of this company.

The business has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, what is made in a village here is being showcased in a designer store in Paris & London. A simple net fabric woven and stitched by rural women transforms into a Fashionable String Bag in the hands of Designers – the power of Globalization.

Now, we cater to around 12 countries around the globe, and we maintain the uniqueness of the   product for each client .It has been an arduous and exciting journey – the goodwill we have earned from our existing clients gives us the energy to keep moving further.