Infra Structure

Our village is strategically situated – with the cotton cultivation, yarn mills, weaving, printing and even the Final dispatch Port all within a distance of 150 km. This helps us source the fabric with a quick turnaround time, lowers our inventory, and increases the efficiency of dispatch, all of which translates into a final cost benefit and (very) reasonable delivery time for the customer. 

We have close to fifty single needle lock stitch tailors, ten over lock tailors with others being helpers or serving in the checking department. Each unit strives to excel on its own thus giving a final quality output. We have our own printing unit with six colour six station printing machine, heat transfer machine. For very complex printing, the Printing Capital of South India is hardly 100 km away.

The Company is set up in a calm, quiet place overlooking Sirumalai hills and the serene environment give us a big psychological boost to focus and work peacefully.

These String bags are in great demand in the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and USA.

We choose vibrant colors – around 12 ready stock colors – all inspired from different shades of nature to make our bags. -String bag,Net bag,Fishnet bag, Sac filet, Mesh bag, Einkaufsnetz.

The process to create each bag starts from weaving – deciding what colors are needed, and what texture is required. Then, a specialized production line with special machines that is exclusive to this String-Mesh bag manages the whole production from cutting to the end-product. Handles are printed with Client Logo on request.

The standard size bag serves many functions – as a vegetable net bag, a Fruit net bag or a simple grocery string bag. Apart from this, we also create custom bags with different sizing, depending on the clients requirement.